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Is remodeling a house cheaper than building?

Home Remodeling & Building Experts 

Lutton Construction specializes in both home renovations and custom home building projects in central Ohio. We have worked with many home and property owners across central Ohio and believe that our continued reputation for providing excellent quality, custom work speaks for itself. Our contractor services cover the whole spectrum from home renovation, adding additional rooms, remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and more. Our services cover everything from start to end including custom work and the actual construction. Servicing Columbus Ohio, our team of skilled contractors has the knowledge and expertise to turn your property into the home you have dreamed of. We set the bar high on quality of work to ensure that each housing project we take on is handled professionally with great care and excellent craftsmanship. Lutton Construction is read to get to work and begin renovating or building your ideal home!

Welcoming porch seating area after remodeling

Superior Craftsmanship 

Our team has been built around the concept of executing our work in construction and renovation at the highest level. Each step of the process from the initial design to the finalized project gets the same attention to detail to ensure your vision for the new or existing space is realized in the most accurate way possible. We work alongside owners of the home to plan out the details of every design prior to starting which ensures we are able to fit in the necessary details requested by our clients and create a design that works for them both visually and functionally. Everything in your home from uniquely shaped kitchen island countertops to built-in storage is incorporated into the initial custom design to make sure our client’s wishes are represented. As home renovation and building professionals in Columbus Ohio we are passionate about building a better city for our own community. If you’re looking to begin a house remodel or building project contact Lutton Construction to get more information or a free estimate for your construction project!

Central Ohio Remodeling Company 

Beginning his path as a professional Mechanical Engineer for the HVAC industry after studying at The Ohio State University, Kyle Lutton wanted to take his experience and translate it into something that he was passionate about. By taking his professional expertise and craftsmanship and combining it with his passion for building, Kyle started Lutton Construction. Lutton Construction is a full service contracting company that handles design, remodeling, and custom home construction. Kyle’s passion for excellence in the contracting industry remains his top priority years later. Through each project the Lutton Construction team works to exceed the standard in quality of work and bring excellence and craftsmanship into every home we work on. We are committed to quality and consistency. Every home we work on, whether it’s a simple bathroom remodel or an entire basement design and renovation is left in excellent condition! We want to continue to make our community proud and will continue bringing excellence onto every jobsite.

Overall Project Cost 

There are a lot of factors to take into account when trying to decide on whether you want to remodel an existing home or demo an existing building to build a new house. The overall costs can add up very quickly when beginning with new construction on a property. Generally it is more expensive to build a new house and cheaper to renovate. A new house will require a new foundation, new windows, and you are starting from scratch. There is a substantial amount more flexibility with customization when building a new home because you are essentially only limited by the land you’re building on and the budget you have. Remodeling a house is less expensive and may increase the property value of the home should you decide to list it on a sales or rental market. Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, basement, or patio are all excellent ways to increase the property value without making a substantial financial investment. With factoring in that labor is typically more expensive when remodeling a house, depending on the scale of the remodel it actually may be more cost effective in the long-term to build a new house than to renovate your home.

Benefits of a Remodel vs Building

With building a new house there is a larger initial investment, but long-term savings in multiple categories is a great benefit. New homes are more energy efficient, in general require less maintenance, and you are much less likely to run into large scale issues like having to repair the foundation of the home. In some circumstances the long-term savings of a new home build can actually save you money. One of the drawbacks with building a new house is the timeframe. Because construction for new houses requires more steps than renovating like installing a proper foundation, building out the frame, running electricity and drainage, and more, the timeframe is often significantly longer. When remodeling your home there are many parts that will not have to be demolished or changed and can simply be updated. You can also remodel certain sections of your home at one point and do other parts of your renovation at a later date so the costs are spread out across months or years. If you’re looking to renovate a property you’re currently living in you may need to rent a home or apartment to live in during the renovation process. There are many different factors to consider when comparing building new and remodeling and the best option will be different for every person. 

Services Provided by Lutton Construction

Home Additions 

chair inside a renovated bedroom

An excellent way to add not only additional square footage to your home but a room that is completely customizable is through home additions. For older homes this is an excellent way to create a larger entertaining space, a secondary living room like a sunroom, a bedroom, home theater room, home office, or any other type of space that you need! These additions to your home can be modeled to match the rest of your house or have a more modern appeal to them as a statement piece to the house. These addons increase property value of the house and are a great way to add your own personal style with a complete custom design. Some homeowners opt to remodel rooms connecting to the room additions to create open floor plans or a more cohesive design as you move through the house. 

Home Basement Remodel 

basement design and planning

A home basement remodel can revitalize a home giving your basement a newfound life instead of simply using it as an uncomfortable and uninviting storage space. A basement remodel can give you a secondary living area, a home theater, home gym, home office, or a multi-use space that can be utilized by everyone in the home throughout the day! Converting an old basement, or even a basement that just isn’t optimized for how you want to be using it is a great way to increase the property value on a home. Because Lutton Construction is a full service contracting company we are able to handle everything from the initial design to the final remodel; our team can build out lighting, flooring, windows, basement kitchenettes, basement bars, and more. Basements are an excellent place for additional storage, so providing built-in cabinetry is a common addition homeowners like to include in their basement renovation designs. 

Bathroom Remodel  

Gorgeous bathroom remodel with bathtub

Bathrooms are one of the most common rooms to go through the renovating process, especially with older homes that have smaller showers or no shower at all. Bathrooms benefit greatly from simple renovations and updates as they tend to feel outdated more quickly than other rooms in the house. Simple bathroom renovations can be affordable since they are generally smaller square footage than most rooms. A bathroom remodel can include things like a new shower or tub, replacing or swapping out cabinetry, installing a new sink or vanity, a new toilet, new lighting fixtures, windows, and more. Some homeowners have the goal of reimagining their bathroom as something closer to a home spa with ample space and features that aren’t normally installed in a home to have a luxurious experience without having to leave the home.

Kitchen Remodel 

Kitchen design and layout services

Kitchens are another popular room in homes that receives renovation. The kitchen is often a main hub in the house not only socially but functionally. In our kitchens we cook, eat, entertain, converse, and sometimes use it as a workspace for projects. This is an important room for a family as it is a space where people often congregate in groups to create memories and connect with each other. Outdated kitchens in older homes can feel small and unappealing which can have a great impact on how the space gets used. Luitton Construction has worked with countless homeowners to achieve an updated new look for their kitchen that not only is visually pleasing but is designed to fit the needs of the homeowners. Updating kitchens can include many design elements and practical additions like lighting, cabinets, flooring, backsplashes, adding or altering existing islands, countertops, and more. 

Get a Free Estimate for Your Construction Project 

Building relationships is a key part of Lutton Construction’s mission. As homeowners in the city of Columbus we understand the importance of feeling happy and satisfied with your own home so we truly go above and beyond to establish a great rapport with the homeowner so we can communicate efficiently and effectively throughout the entire process. We want to establish trust within our own community in central Ohio and through honest work, quality materials, and surpassing expectations we always work to make sure our client’s needs are met and they are happy with the final product. Home renovations can be an overwhelming process, but as a full-service contracting company we are able to handle everything from initial inspections, design schematics, material ordering, remodeling and installation, and cleanup. Our team is made up of professionals that provide excellent craftsmanship and service. If you are interested in getting an estimate for your upcoming home renovation or new build please fill out the form on our website.