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Frequently Asked Questions

The average kitchen remodel costs about $50,000.  Obviously this will and can vary greatly and all depends on the size of the kitchen and the quality (or grade) of materials you decide to use.  Plan on spending a good chunk of your budget on the cabinets and countertops.  The cabinets and countertops can make up about 30-40% of your budget alone.  Also, if you plan on doing a large island where people can sit at; that’s going to easily double your countertop spend!  Countertops are priced by the square foot and large islands often contain more square footage than the rest of the kitchen! 

Another major factor that greatly influences the cost of you kitchen is whether or not you are going to move around your floorplan.  Opening up walls and moving sinks, ranges, etc will contribute to the amount you spend in a big way.  If you’re just using the same layout but upgrading finishes and altering a few cabinets, don’t expect to have to spend much on your mechanicals (plumbing, electric, hvac).